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GERBER GT5250 Automatic Cutter | Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

Gerber GT-5250 Automatic Cutter Used / Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine. Dema has a large selection of new and used cutting room solutions. For more information call: 1-888-492-5553 or 214-207-3125

GERBER GT5250 Automatic Cutter | Automatic Fabric Cutting System

GERBER GT5250 Automatic Cutting System



Call DEMA at 214-943-5583 or 214-207-3125 for details.

The GT5250 cutting system cuts up to 5.2 cm (2.05 in) of compressed fabric using reciprocating knife technology for superior cut quality, high productivity and minimal operator intervention. Featuring Cut-Path Intelligence, Intelligent Zoned Vacuum Controls and Knowledge-Based Application Expertise, GT5250 is the ideal choice for specialized applications such as men’s suits, knitwear, fashion, automotive interiors, upholstered furniture and many more.
Maximize performance.
GT5250 cutters operate using bite-feeding conveyorized technology where fabric lay advances are automatically determined. The interactive user interface displays your cutting parameters and markers as they’re being cut, with on-board diagnostics for added dependability.

Achieve consistent, precise cutting.
Clean top to bottom multiple ply cutting is virtually guaranteed with Gerber’s exclusive Knife Intelligence ® . The porous bristle surface allows the knife blade to penetrate without damage, while the zoned vacuum intelligence system stabilizes material for better cut. Optimized cut paths promote efficient tooling and an automatic knife re-sharpener maintains productivity.
Improve material utilization.
Sophisticated sensing techniques control cutting speed for maximum quality and through-put, allowing parts to be more tightly nested, promoting accurate cutting and better material utilization.
Manage production data.
The power to automatically track and collect throughput data is at your fingertips. Feel confident that the digital data you work with will result in reliable quality of remotely manufactured cut parts.

GERBER GT5250 Automatic Cutter

GERBER GT5250 fabric cutting machine

GERBER GT5250 Fabric cutting machine

GERBER GT5250 fabric cutting machine

System Components
•Gerber Bristle Square ® cutting surface
- Knife blade penetrates without damage
- Automatically conveys material from spreading table to cutter and bundling area
•Integrated zoned vacuum system
•Long-life knife blades and variable knife reciprocation speed control

Optional Components
•Lateral travel kit – enables cutter to move between multiple spreading tables
•Integrated vacuum resealer – maintains vacuum
•Vacuum regulation – select amount of vacuum allowed during cutting
•Fabric drills
- up to 6.3 mm (0.250 in)
•Cutter Information Database (CIDB)
– automatically tracks and collects throughput data
•Cut Path Intelligence – automatically adjusts the forward knife speed based on ply height and fabric being cut
•Continuous Cutting – allows uninterrupted conveyor advance
•Automatic bristle cleaning system
•Barcode reader – facilitates data input of cut file and setup file names

System Capabilities
•Compressed fabric height:
- 5.2 cm (2.05 in)
•Cutting widths:
- 1.7 m (67 in)
- 2.0 m (79 in)
- 2.4 m (94.5 in)
- 3.3 m (130 in)
•Cutting lengths:
- 170 cm (67 in)
- 254 cm (100 in)
•Maximum cutting speed:
- 30.5 m/min (1200 in/min)
- 9.5 m/min (375 in/min)
•Head acceleration:
- 2.4 m/s 2 (1/4 g)

Key Features
•PC-based software in Windows ® environment
•Ability to import most standard data formats
•C-200 Operator Control Console and Software
•Sophisticated cut data file handling
- Modify notch and cutter parameter tables at the cutter
- Cut data file queuing
- Automatic cut data file optimization
- Automatic SMARTbite ™ calculation
•Display of cut data geometry on screen
- Preview geometric data for error prevention
- Preview piece cutting sequence
- Display cut pieces as cutting progresses
•Preloaded with library of expert setup files providing initial Knowledge-Base
•Storage of cutting setup parameter files for future use
•Maintenance Manager automatically monitors required hardware maintenance items and notifies operator of necessary procedures
•Automatic knife resharpening maintains cutting efficiency
•Automatic power conservation mode
•Comprehensive operator and technician training
System Dimensions and Requirements
•Standard machine
- 2.34 x 4.37 m (92 x 172 in)
•Table heights
- 75 cm (29.5 in)
- 80 cm (31.5 in)
- 86 cm (34 in)
- 91 cm (36 in)
•Table weight total
- 2,318 kg (5,100 lbs)
•Table weight per wheel
- Take-on end 1@682 kg (1,500 lbs)
- Take-off end 2@818 kg (1,800 lbs)
• 50 Hz vacuum blower
- 200V at 108 amps (3 phase)
- 220V at 96 amps (3 phase)
- 380V at 55 amps (3 phase)
• 60 Hz vacuum blower
- 240V at 88 amps (3 phase)
- 480V at 44 amps (3 phase)
- 575V at 37 amps (3 phase)
Control Power
• 220V at 30 amps (single phase), 3-wire, 50/60 Hz
Average Power Consumption • 24 KW average
Compressed Air
• 6.8 bar (100 psi) @ 11.3 lpm (4 scfm)
Operating Environment
• Maximum temperature: 43°C (110°F)
• Maximum humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
• Standard vacuum system to 760 m (2,500 ft) above sea level (optional vacuum control available for higher altitudes) Noise
• 75dB


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