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Sock Knitting Machines

LONATI G615D Automatic Sock Knitting Machines

  • 20 Units in Stock Now

  • Late Model Machines - Year 2008

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Heel variable motion, while the multi-colored embroidery and electronic cuff and heel run as one for the production of patterned towels, socks and pantyhose with the possibilities of a single feed machine.
- The knitting cycle, style and fabric setting Integral electronic programming.
- Machine memorizes of a variety of styles, each with 8 sizes.
- Automatic article change the machine's keyboard or DIGRAPH3 PLUS.

G516D - 4 "cylinder
Thickness: from 7 to 10
Maximum speed plain weave 250 r / min.
Machine movement with BRUSHLESS motor coaxial with cylinder holder.
Needle-by-needle selection system for the execution of Jacquard patterns.
Nine electronic selection units plus one pattern for the towel.
Degree by degree the knitting pneumatically controlled eight shuttle decline.
Pattern for the on-sckiz shuttle.
Positive supply rubber shuttle (on request 2 ° rubber shuttle).
Pneumatic sliding movement of needle-rising cams.
Step-by-step adjustment of the fabric with the engine electronics.
Electronic chain with possibility of a multi-program automatic.
Line Dinema'' Bank'' pre-established command to connect to the system board.
When thread trimming is not required to stop the circular cutter.
Raising Raising and on-demand air motor
High-resolution color display.
Variable speed saw on request. PRODUCTION CHARACTERISTICS

Single or double welt.
Plain weave, regular towels, sandwich or patterned socks.
6 plus 2 colors on the same row on the ground a total of 20 color socks.
Possibility of mesh + 6 colors + ground in the same order
In the same curved seam sewing + float + mesh + 6 colors + ground
Independent selection for elastic pattern + 5 colors + ground
3D-effect socks, 180 ° reversed toe, right and left socks, 2-color heel and toe.

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